Our Work

We have a proven track record of building brands through strategic and focus projects that drive results.

PR – From unknown to unforgetable.

Our client wanted to launch their consumer earphone products in the UK from a standing start. This can be a daunting task for a brand on their own. We stepped in, and using our industry knowledge and connections, our clients products quickly gained the notoriety they deserve with reviews in top consumer magazines and year on year industry awards. We quickly helped them far surpass their sales targets and are now an extremely well know brand, continuing to work closely with Jackrabbit.

Creative – Advertising that converts.

Our client had a requirement to produce a high end video ad and integrated advertising campaign. The goal was to launch their new wireless earphone range and subsequently hit their sales targets. We understand that even the most professionally shot ads have no affect without the reach. This is why created a strategic advertising project, during which we shot & produced a highly succesful ad which was highly effective meaning the client had tangible results, reflecting the impact of the campaign which was a success beyond expectation.

Industry Analytics – Ahead of the game

We often get asked, how is it possible to stay ahead of the game in such a saturated industry.  One of the services that truly makes us stand out as one of the leading marketing and PR agencies is our industry analytics reporting and consultancy. By providing and reporting pricing, availability and ranking data, we can help our clients identify and react in the quickest possible time. In the consumer audio industry, data really is key.