About Us

We live and breathe audio. Let’s talk about your brand! 

Who is Jackrabbit

We cut through the noise.

Jackrabbit is a full service marketing and PR agency within a very specific market. We work solely with brands in the audio industry. Why? We have a team of extremely experienced staff with unique backgrounds and knowledge in the industry itself. Distribution, sales, e-commerce, branding, PR and the huge range of skills that are needed to grow brands and generates sales, we’ve seen it all.

We use our methodology of listen – build – deliver to ensure our clients receive the results they are looking to achieve, working with you whilst taking responsibility for all of the work itself.

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We're in the industry... let's talk about something we both understand.

Our Process

Tried and tested methodology

Unlike other agencies we have a proven track record of propelling brands towards their goals regardless of their current situation. Our process uses a combination of your brand vision and our industry expertise.


We understand that no two brands are the same and neither are their goals. We listen carefully to understand your brand to enable us to clearly align with your mission, vision and direction.


Once we understand there requirements we get straight to work on a building  a pathway to success, using all of the wide range of knowledge, experience and tools at our disposal.


We stay focused on the end goal, maintaining a steady balance of updating you on progress and success whilst taking responsibility for the project and ultimately delivering results.