Our Services

Whether it’s awards or press mentions, through to regional e-commerce site building, we’re ready to help.

Client Focused, Results Driven

Helping brands overcome their biggest obstacles.

Jackrabbit is innovative, creative and collaborative, but we are constantly aware that all of our activities lead back to one single focal point which is results for our clients. Our service scope has been balanced and carved over years of experience in the audio industry. 

We use data driven strategy combined with public relations contacts and creative output to ensure we are relentlessly moving forward for the brands we work with.

Core Services

We bring the sound

Our key to building successful brands revolves around or core services. This makes  up the foundation of how we work with our clients on short and long term projects.

PR & Communications

Industry Awards, Press Releases, Reviews, high end industry publications.


Advertising, photography, videography, design, 3D modeling and more.

Influencer Marketing

Drive sales and awareness through

our creator services.
Industry Analytics

Track, monitor and consultative reporting of industry data.

Theres more...


We source, design materials and run exhibitions for your brand globally. Meaning we can position you business for maximum exposure.


Using our in house high end web development experience, we provide regional webstores in local languages.


Local markets have different consumer tastes. We use our local expertise to assist with indepth or adhoc design and branding.


We work closely with you and your brand to not only provide results but dynamic advice based on industry changes.


The growth of marketplaces such as Amazon make them vital sales channels. We offer our extensive experience to grow sales and seller levels.


In store exposure is important but driving traffic to your online sales channels is vital. We provide PPC, Social media and SEO campaigns to grow your online presence.