A bit about Jackrabbit

We cut through the noise.

We are a marketing and PR agency with a global reach, working specifically with brands in the audio industry. We listen to our client’s goals, build a pathway to success and then deliver on our promises.

Our team has a wealth of experience from all angles of the audio industry, meaning we have key insights into our clients needs. This gives us the level of understanding to quickly help brands drive results, and not only reach their original goals, but look ahead and create new ones.

Our Work

We’re here to help you grow

We have a proven track record of growing brands in a range of sectors within the audio industry. Whether that be taking an unknown brand to household name or working with even the biggest brands to help them grow, our years of specific industry experience means that no goal is too ambitious.

Consumer Audio

Building brands and generating sales within the large consumer products market.


Growing the awareness and trust needed to generate sales for high performance products & brands.

Pro Audio

Bringing together brands with individuals and organsiations in the pro audio industry. 

Our Services

We cut through the noise.

As a full service agency we integrate a plethora of services into our bespoke strategies. At the center of our expert methodology, sits core techniques proven to boost brands.

Our Approach

PR, creative and data driven strategies

Combining our core and periphery services, we deliver results through a consultative, strategic and measured approach.

Whether it  be a short term project or long term partnership, we are ready to help our clients reach the next step and ensure they are continually growing.

We maintain that the most important element of any project, big or small, is results. We balance creativity and meeting tangible targets, making it easy for our clients to measure ROI.


We listen carefully to understand your brand so we can clearly define a goal and vision.


We get straight to work, using the wide range of knowledge, experience and tools at our disposal.


We maintain a steady balance of updating you on progress whilst taking responsibility for the project and ultimately delivering results.