Sell more online through influencers

Social Commerce is exploding

It is estimated that the value of social commerce sales will reach $1.3 trillion in 2023, potentially reaching $2.9 trillion by 2026.

Jackrabbit uses influencer marketing, affiliate programs, creator management, user generated content and brand ambassadors to grow your business

Our Approach

Social Commerce is exploding
Fixed Campaign

Shorter term, highly focused campaigns. We tightly manage content, timing, audience and output over a fixed period of activity, tracking, analysis and subsequent optimization.


The influencer becomes a “brand ambassador” who consistently promotes the brand, its products or services over a more extended period, often several months to a year, or even longer.


The personal nature of influencer marketing means that the opportunities of how a brand x influencer relationship looks are endless.

Theres more...

Influencer Search

Our database has over 7 million content creators with advanced analytics meaning our team can quickly source and onboard the ideal influencers to represent your brand.

Content Management

Using our in house high end web development experience, we provide regional webstores in local languages.

Creator Relations

Local markets have different consumer tastes. We use our local expertise to assist with indepth or adhoc design and branding.


We work closely with you and your brand to not only provide results but dynamic advice based on industry changes.

Reporting & Analytics

The growth of marketplaces such as Amazon make them vital sales channels. We offer our extensive experience to grow sales and seller levels.


In store exposure is important but driving traffic to your online sales channels is vital. We provide PPC, Social media and SEO campaigns to grow your online presence.